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I am a graduate from the University of Minnesota and received a Bachelor of Science degree in Horticulture Science a long time ago now. I started using the Straw Bale Gardens® method over 25 years ago when I discoverd the lack of topsoil on the property I had just purchased. Over the years I worked to perfect the method, and started spreading the word about how it works, and what great production it gives while eliminating many of the problems that a traditional soil gardener faces.  I have written four books on the subject, and I now spend much of my time giving presentations around the world about the Straw Bale Gardens® method.  I stil am an avid vegetable gardener, and test new varieties each year and continue to grow a 25 bale garden at home each season. I am also a fan of tulips, dahlias, roses, hostas and day lilies, and have a garden filled with perennials and annuals each year.

My current book titles include “Straw Bale Gardening” copyright 2009 which was self-published, “Straw Bale Gardens” copyright 2013 on Cool Springs Press, “Straw Bale Gardens Complete” copyright 2015 and “Straw Bale Solutions” copyright 2018 on Cool Springs Press for Quartos USA Publishing Group. If you have never grown a Straw Bale Garden, I’d suggest getting my third book “Straw Bale Gardens Complete,” it will give you the best how-to step-by-step information on setting up a garden from scratch.

I consult with many new gardeners via my Facebook.com/LearnToGrowAStrawBaleGarden page and on twitter @strawbalegarden as well as instagram @strawbalegarden. If you are looking for advice, please reach out to me through any of my social media outlets, and I will get back to you asap.


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