Sign up to be a BaleGardenBuddy™ mentor?

Are you a Straw Bale Gardener who’d agree to share your expertise?

Are you willing to advise a local school, community or group

to set up their first Straw Bale Garden?

We want to invite you to join our BaleGardenBuddies™ mentoring program.

It is free, easy, and you’ll even get a few benefits for participating and becoming a BaleGardenBuddie™ mentor.

Once you created your listing, you will need to wait to be manually approved. This wait is required simply to protect the BaleGardenBuddies webpage from spammers. Once approved you will get your very own dot on the world-wide map beside other Buddies. People who need your help, will be able to click your dot and easily find your listing in the directory. You never have to do any formal presentations or speak in public if you don’t want to.

You choose how you are willing to work with a person or group that contacts you. You choose how they can contact you, by phone, email or text. Then you decide based on their needs, how much time and effort you will commit to those who need a mentor. If you need any additional information or support to help your students, you will have a direct contact number so you can reach Joel with any questions.

In addition, you will have access to purchase signed books at bulk wholesale price, which you can offer to participants at whatever sale price you choose. You can build your profile by writing a quick summary on your listing profile about your first new student(s) who found you on the directory and who you agreed to mentor.

I promise that this will be a fun experience, and you can do as much or as little work with a student or group as you’d like. Doing something new and different can be daunting for someone with no experience, and your experience will help guide your new friend(s) to accomplish something great with their new Straw Bale Garden. We hope you will consider signing up for the BaleGardenBuddies™ mentoring program.